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Our curry pastes are made from fresh, high-quality ingredients, including a unique blend of Thai spices and herbs. Each type of curry paste has its own distinct flavor profile, ranging from mild to medium, spicy, and extra spicy. Thai curry pastes are traditionally made with Thai curry paste, a key ingredient in Thai cuisine, reflecting the diversity and compatibility with the original flavors of Thailand.

We offer a variety of curry pastes in different forms, whether it’s curry paste for cooking or ready-to-eat curry sauces that are convenient and easy to use—simply add hot water. Additionally, we provide a selection of delicious chili paste recipes, such as red curry, yellow curry (Massaman), green curry, and Tom Yum paste.

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(Sos Kaeng Khiao Wan)

Green curry sauce made from natural herbs and spices blended with the rich creaminess of coconut milk. It offers a delicious, rounded, and aromatic taste with a perfect balance of sweetness and spiciness.


(Phrik Kaeng Daeng)

Special red curry paste made from high-quality ingredients. The rich red color and spicy flavor of this curry paste make it versatile for various dishes, such as spicy roasted duck curry, stir-fried curry paste dishes, and other spicy stir-fries.